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Improve your art website’s SEO

We hear all the time, ‘I want better SEO’ or ‘I’ve paid a lot for my SEO and I don’t want to loose it’. What’s odd is that when we ask what ‘good SEO’ means to them we often don’t here a straight answer. The truth is that presence on a search engine can be hard to define. Below are some tricks to make sure that your art website is performing optimally. Below are some tips to establish a strong…

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Letter from Editor

Welcome to Atmos!

Hello and welcome to Atmos! Atmos is our vision to help bring together the energy that comes from art and its creators. Whether you’re an artist, a collector, a gallerist, or someone who likes to go to a museum on a weekend, we hope you are able to widen your art horizons with us. At Atmos, you’ll be able to find exclusive content that aims to introduce you to new people who function in the art world. Emerging artists, as…

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