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Welcome to Atmos!

Welcome to Atmos!

Hello and welcome to Atmos!

Atmos is our vision to help bring together the energy that comes from art and its creators. Whether you’re an artist, a collector, a gallerist, or someone who likes to go to a museum on a weekend, we hope you are able to widen your art horizons with us.

At Atmos, you’ll be able to find exclusive content that aims to introduce you to new people who function in the art world. Emerging artists, as well as established collectors have found a home and a voice at Atmos.

Atmos is always evolving, so please check back often for new features, stories and profiles. As always, we encourage you to check out our main venture, artcloud, here.

We’re very excited about this latest artcloud expansion, and we hope you are too.

Alex West

CEO, artcloud


Image: Courtesy of Emma Fishman (@emmafishman) and Eleanna Anagnos (@eleannapaints)

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