Guggenheim Circle

Lenka Clayton and Jon Rubin’s Guggenheim project, Circle Through New York is open for 8 more days!

In the project (full title), A talking parrot, a high school drama class, a Punjabi TV show, the oldest song in the world, a museum artwork, and a congregation’s call to action circle through New York, the artists created a complex system of social and material exchange that brings together city communities often separated by cultural, economic, geographic, or circumstantial boundaries. The artists drew an imaginary circle through Harlem, the South Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The artists worked with the venues to select aspects of their identities—referenced in the project’s full title—that rotated among the six locations over a period of six months.

Click here for a full schedule on how you can participate.

Image Courtesy of the Guggenheim. 

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