The Perfect Art Day: Hamptons Edition

Parrish Art Museum

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Clifford Ross: Light | Waves

July 16, 2017 to October 15, 2017

Fascinated by the force and rhythm of nature and a desire to simulate and enhance these characteristics, Ross invented and patented new camera systems, taking the photographic process to another level.”.

The Dan Flavin Art Institute

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Mary Heilmann: Painting Pictures

June 29, 2017–May 27

Heilmann’s encounters with the work of artists closely associated with Dia’s history, such as Dan Flavin and Donald Judd, made a significant impression while also delineating a clear difference between their practice and her approach.”

LongHouse Reserve

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The Garden
As part of our internationally recognized Art in the Gardens program, Jack Lenor Larsen and the LHR Arts Committee have assembled a collection of more than 60 contemporary sculptures in the LongHouse gardens. Throughout the 16 acre site, permanent works are on display along with those on seasonal loan from artists, collectors, and dealers.”

Image Courtesy of Clifford Ross and Parrish Art Museum. 

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